Porta, Checcacci & Associati
Porta, Checcacci & Associati

Porta, Checcacci & Associati S.p.A., in short PCA, is an Italian IP firm focusing on the practice of Intellectual Property. Founded in 1991 and based in Milan, PCA has been offering technical-legal advice for many years to national and international customers for a better exploitation and a more effective protection of exclusive rights in the field of patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks, domain names, licenses, or a combination thereof.


Speciality Principle

According to it two identical marks of different owners can co-exist for products which are not identical or similar. This principle put in troubles Starbucks, that in China is going to see the co-existence of his mark Frappuccino for coffee-based beverages with an identical mark for sanitary goods, condoms included. 

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International Mark: accession of Thailand

As of next 7 November 2017 Thailand can be designated in fresh International applications or in subsequent designations. The Asiatic country is the 99th member of the Madrid Protocol on International Marks.